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I thought I’d port my homebrew game I made for the Sega Game Gear over to the Virtual Boy, even though it only has 3 shades of red and black. (Anyone like their burgers extra-rare?)
This is the title screen. Works fine on a real VB (tested with a FlashBoy+).
Will be working on level 1 soon.

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Level 1 is finished.
Will be working on level 2 soon.

A quick update. I’m working on level 3 right now.

love seeing the updates, great job

Some lovely stuff I added the past couple of days.

Here are some more pictures.

Some more lovely images.

I made an image for the HF32 to display when this game is on it. Mellott didn’t answer me from Discord, so I’ll try it here.

Looks good VirtualChris!

That should fit in the prototype window without cutting off any graphics. I would suggest adding 3 more pixels of gray background to the right side, into the black border. Otherwise you might have a small strip of that black border peaking out along the right edge of the screen on the final production units.

Cleaned the image up a little.

The game is now available for purchase on Uncle Tusk’s website: http://uncletusk.com

Looks good! Congratulations on your game being released!


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