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I want to introduce myself :D. Since 1995, I’ve wanted to own a Virtual Boy (Although in 1995 I was 14 and my parent’s didn’t have money to get new consoles). Many Spanish and other European magazines talked about this console, but well… it never appeared.

A week ago, I found a japanese vendor selling his Virtual Boy boxed, complete + Teleroboxer game. I was the best bidder and finally I paid 89 euros for the console + game + shpping costs from Japan (EMS). Which is really a good price. Yesterday it arrived, it works perfectly and it’s in a new-like state.

Now I am waiting for: 4 games from Spain (Mario’s Clash, Mario Tennis, Galactic Pinball and Red Alarm, carts only) 31 euros all of them; Vertical Force from Japan (complete and new) 20,93 euros shipping costs included; 2 other games from UK (Panic Bomber US, only cart and V TETRIS complete) 35 euros shipping costs included and a new Flashboy (85 euros) from a Spanish online game seller (which claims to have the Exclusive of Flashboy in Spain)

Total: 261,93 euros for: Virtual Boy + 8 games + Flashboy

I’ve prefered to do a “all in 1” buy, and don’t spend more money anymore on the system… good idea from me (and now I can afford it. Some years ago it was totally impossible to spend this ammount of money in one time.)

Well, now I will be here as a community member. I’ve followed this website since first days, but now I think it’s the day to be a community member.

Regards, :thumpup: πŸ˜‰

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Well if u only want to play the games then u only need wario land and Galactic Pinball since the flashboy can play all games, Galactic Pinball needs saves for highscore and wario land u need save to play

flashboy en Espana jeje

Also, as a scener (but only musician, I have composed more than 350 modules for Scream-Impulse-Schism Tracker for example. I’ve also composed music for MSX FM-PAC, MSX Music Module and Amiga) I am very interested in the growing Homebrew scene and how the community coders-sceners are doing a real revival of the console πŸ˜€


Hola desde EspaΓ±a! πŸ˜€ Let’s keep the post in English, since you began in English. Who is the Spanish online retailer who says that has the exclusive distribution of flashboy in Spain? I’m just being curious…

Hello! The shop is Evolutiongames and it has the Flashboy in the main page.

PS: Today I’ve discovered your website;) . Your collection is impressive. I think I won’t ever have some of the games if they are not “released” online πŸ˜›

Hi Xenon, thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, I think that some of them will never be released online, sorry. Anyway, you have still got a good bunch of cool games to play in the flashboy. As for http://www.evolutiongames.es KR155E, has this shop got the exclusivity of distributing the Flashboy in Spain? I didn’t know it was sold out of PVB. I’m just being curious here too…

hello xenon! welcome to the community. πŸ™‚

about evolutiongames… well, sort of. they bought 20 units for resale in their shop in spain.

Thanks for your kind answers πŸ™‚

Today I’ve received Mario Clash, Mario Tennis, Galactic Pinball and Red Alarm. Very good games! Although I don’t like most of T&E Soft games on MSX, I have been very impressed with RED ALARM πŸ™‚ Great to discover now what I didn’t been able to 13 years ago ^^ (Actually, I didn’t like to try any emulator because the Virtual Boy actually must be ALWAYS played on the original machine)

PS: My VB screen has 1 thin black horizontal line near the bottom, but I can play all the games perfectly (system it’s in a very great condition). I think it’s not a problem and also, I am not good at electronics to fix it if I want :P.

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Thanks for the reply KR155E, I didn’t know you had sold the Flashboys to shops. That will give more popularity to the Flashboy πŸ˜› Xenon, as for the horizontal line you mention, there’s the “glitchy displays fix” published by DogP in his page, but since you say you’re as bad as me with electronics, I would leave the Virtual Boy as it is unless it breaks completely. Just try not to tamper too much with the IPD and focus adjustments so that the pieces move as less as possible πŸ˜‰

that was the only shop, btw. πŸ˜€

Hope I will receive the Flashboy soon.

Well, I’ve seen that the thin horizontal line is only in the right screen.

I’ve got an extra V-Tetris, Wario Land (US), and Panic Bomber (US) if you want to buy them.


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