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so, it’s one week left to the competition deadline. but only one project, jorge’s mario vb, seems to be ready (enough) by then? so, my queston to anyone who is working or has worked on a project, would it help if we pushed back the deadline by some more weeks or longer to give you more time for your project?

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I’ve been working on mine… I’ll definitely have something ready by the deadline, but if you want to bump it back a week or two, that’s fine with me. Is anyone besides Jorgeche and I actually going to release anything? It’s been kinda quiet in here ;-).

Is Fwirt still working on the Yoshi’s Cookie? RunnerPack… anything? DanB??? Anyone coming in with a surprise entry? I was trying to talk Cooler into doing something, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen :-P.


Get outta my head, man! πŸ˜‰

I was actually thinking of asking this exact question, for the same reason plus my own: I’ve had a ton of trouble with my VB compiler environment…

I could use at least an extra month, if everyone is okay with that. In the end, I think it will be better, since everyone’s entry will be that much more polished.

Also, I would like to say again: ANYONE WITH ANY PROGRAMMING SKILL AT ALL SHOULD ENTER SOMETHING! We will not laugh at you for making a simple animation or something. It doesn’t even have to be interactive. I just want to see more VB stuff!

Will another month actually help anyone? Doesn’t that usually just cause you to procrastinate more? πŸ˜‰ Like the 5 months that we’ve had, I worked on it heavy for the first couple weeks, basically stopped working on it after a month, then started back up a couple weeks ago so I can have a finished entry :-P.

If it will help get us more/better entries, I’m definitely up for it… just from past experience working on projects, it seems like extending deadlines usually just delays the work.


I wouldn’t mind if the deadline is pushed back even by a month… it will give enough time to optimize my demo :-P., add goombas, flying koopas… and portal pipes! πŸ™‚


I’m curious to ask:
How do the contestants feel about releasing their source code for us newbie programmers to take a look at? It would be good to see some detailed code for the VB…

I will release mine… maybe not the whole source of the mario demo, but the whole engine code will definitively be released.


alright. so we will have at least three entries ready for the deadline: mario vb, mario kart and a yet unannounced game by another member. enough to give out all prizes. maybe there will be more entries shortly before the end of the compo? we will see.
anyway, i think that’s enough to not push back the deadline. so guys, i am looking forward to your entries. πŸ™‚



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