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Greeting PVB,

Forgive us for bragging, but pretty sure we are the FIRST on PVB seen for this!

As can see in the video we engineered a mold with a professional molding company to get this done.

Some fun facts:
 – The mold good for 1 million to possibly 2 million cycles.
 – The molding shop can run this overnight automatically to make thousands in a few days.
 – Mold made from high grade tooling steel normally used for more demanding molding applications.
 – Each dust cap has a cavity #1 or #2 inside. When look inside dust cap can see the number.
 – Made from same grade of ABS as original Dust Cap.

All that to say, should be enough dust caps to go around & I don’t see the Virtual Boy community wear this mold out anytime soon.

Dust Caps are a 1:1 from OEM with exception of the main 4 bumps that Grip the connector; ours is thicker. So be a tighter fit when put on connector for the first time. Yet, after a month or two on the connector the ABS stretches then you’ll get similar tension of OEM dust caps. Yet, our dust caps will also be little tighter than originals. We done this on purpose as easily remove steel than add on mold, & as the mold gets heaver used over the year’s material wear down slightly.

See link for where can order: https://www.vintex64.com/store/p184/Reproduction-VB-Dust-Covers.html

Customers who make large orders can also request some free dust caps; just indicated it in the checkout notes.
Connectors coming in few months, shells come later this year, we’ll try post video of that in production as well.
We hope this work is appreciated by the PVB community. The tooling/molding costs was quite an investment.

We’ll review this posting if anyone has any feedback.

All the best,

Vintex 64

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Are you saying you’ve got a mold for cart connectors and cart shells in the pipeline?

Nice job Vintex 64! @Speedyink if I recall correctly, Vintex 64 has had cart connectors in the works but haven’t heard about cart shells until now I guess. I too would like to know more.

Thanks. Sure. The Connector design is done, the supplier cutting the molding steel now. I will have the first connector samples in April. Larger production of the connector will follow shortly after. The shell design being tweaked but will have a mold made later this year. I have a lot of official shells in stock, so I do not need to mass-produce the shells until later.


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