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From today, some things change in the way highscores are handled:

– Points for the Top 10 are now given based on the popularity of a game mode. I.e. 100 points are only awarded to a top highscore, if there are 10 (or more) scores for that mode in total, otherwise points are given from bottom to top. The lowest score always gets 5 points. So if there are only 3 scores for a mode, the top score only gets 15 points.

– Submitting scores without a screenshot as a prove is still allowed, but points for the Top 10 are no longer given to those.

I have also written a nice submission form, which you can find here.

On a side note, I have launched the VB Dev Repository in the Forum. This will be a media source for developers, a place to share sprite sets, artworks, functions, sound files and everything else.

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I like what you did with the highscores section. You should also change the collection section that they need pictures to get credit for the top ten too.

Probably, but that would still not be ideal, because you could just upload any picture. Validating each collection would probably be a step too far, so I think it’s OK now.


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