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Well, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but the other thread finally motivated me to spend a few mins throwing together a test app for the displays. I’ll do a write-up on how to use it, what it tests, and how to determine exactly what’s wrong w/ a defective display… but for now you can play with it a little bit and verify that your display is good or bad.

If you have a bad display (noticable in a game) and can’t reproduce the problem with this tester, let me know… I think everything is being tested, but it’s possible I missed a test case (or your problem is intermittent).

Anyway, the controls are:
Select: toggle between the test and status screen
All other controls can only be used while on the test screen (not status screen)
-Start: go to the next test
-A: toggle manual/auto (automatically loops parameters for the tests)
-B: selects the next color (dark to bright red)
-In manual mode:
–LU/LD: BRTA in Solid mode, moves bar up/down in Horizontal Line mode
–LL/LR: BRTB in Solid mode, moves bar left/right in Vertical Line mode
–RU/RD: BRTC in Solid mode
–Hold either trigger to step adjustments by one

Download link here: http://home.comcast.net/~virtual.boy/VB/display_test_v1.zip

Let me know if you’ve got any questions.


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Thanks alot!
I’m gonna try it immediately!

I hope I find the problem…

Cool… it should be easy for you to see the problem w/ that test. I think it’ll be a short between the two pixel bits, so you’ll want to change your brightness (press B). You should clearly see the problem on the crosshatch (and probably all the rest), and if you run the horizontal line test, go to manual mode (press A) and move it until you see the problem (brightness should change)… post which line it is (press select and tell me what Y=). I can probably tell you which pins are shorted, which hopefully you can unshort with a knife.



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