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Hello! I’m a new owner of a virtual boy, but there’s someting I want to know: how can I play to the homebrew games on my Virtual Boy?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, I’m a French-Canadian ^^

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Welcome to the site and to the wonderful world of Virtual Boy!

BTW, other than the missing “w” in the title, a superfluous “to”, and not capitalizing “English”, your English is fine. :thumpup:

Howdy RafikiDreamer, welcome to a great site, congratulations on getting a top console, i highly recommend getting yourself a Flashboy, playing games on anything other than VB hardware is never a complete experience, fun but you need the immersion you only get with a VB unit.

Yes, definitely try and get a Flashboy. They are hard to get at the moment, but if you can get one reasonable priced I would recommend one in a heartbeat! I had my Flashboy in before I had my Virtual Boy and never regretted it!

A more off topic note, I hope you will be spared on the glitchy display problem. If you do get it and you are handy with a soldering tool, you can always fix it.

Thanks everyone =)
Maybe I’ll buy it after christmas ^^


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