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I just received Virtual League Baseball in the mail today but its SEALED! I thought it was used, but it isn’t…

I know VLB is a common game, but should I keep it sealed?

I can’t decide myself 😛

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Mine came sealed. And I knew it. And I opened it. (And it was a bit squashed anyway.)

If you’ve already got it, then why not play it? Might as well make use of it. And how do you know it wasn’t resealed?

HorvatM wrote:
And how do you know it wasn’t resealed?

it has a plastic thingy on the top that makes it look like it hung on a store shelf, and has a horizontal seal…

oh well, my VB was never before used either 😛


You can get one sealed and one open, together in the same auction, for $15.00 on eBay.

I bought mine sealed for $5.00 in eBay.

It’s not a hard game to find in that condition.


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