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I’d like to have reviews of BLOX 2 and VUE Snake up, but, for obvious reasons, can’t write those myself. And since DrAetzn and Freeze are not replying to my emails, I am calling out to you guys. Is anyone interested in writing reviews? No one liners, but reviews which apply to certain quality standards. The best ones will be put on the main game info pages and will be translated to german. Reviews for other finished games or demos, like Tron or GoSub, are also welcome. πŸ™‚

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Well, when I get my Flashboy AND Virtual Boy in, I will certainly try and write up a nice review. Though it could be not for a week or two, as I have got to know that the person that I bought it from will ship it at the end of the week and it has to come from the US to the Netherlands after that, so you can figure I think πŸ˜‰


There’s no deadline for this, so take your time.

I’ll be happy to write something up as well. Just need to download the ROM and try out the Flashboy!

Is a combination of a gamepad and crossed eyes OK for reviewing games? Because I don’t have a FlashBoy.

Some games feel a little bit different on hardware, but if you have no chance to play them on it, an emulator is OK. Does the cross eye technique work for you? You could also try to get some colored 3D glasses to get a better 3D effect.

BTW, if you have any questions about the games, please feel free to ask.

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Yeah, the cross eye technique works well for me.
I searched for glasses but I have no idea where to get them or the materials to build them.

My Flashboy works, so it’s time to start playing Blox 2!

Did you try here:


I’ve sent for these and they are quite good quality glasses, albeit a bit on the small side. Just be sure you order the red-blue, not the red-cyan; they have less cross-talk and any semblance of “color” you get from the r-c ones (for viewing 3-D photos on the web, or something) is a joke, anyway πŸ˜›

RunnerPack, could you get me a pair and I’ll PayPal you some money for them?

I sent you a PM, e5frog.


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