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Where exactly can I buy some of this amazing homebrew i have seen.
I can’t wait for the flashboy cart, I want the PONG for the Virtual Boy and same with some Demos of these other peoples work. I saw somebody did START 2D mario, which is amazing! I wish they would have gone through I would have paid some money for a copy of that cartridge!
I have also been looking up more information and am curious on all these things, the forums need more people so i decided to tell my friends about this website and game system more. I have 2 people looking into buying a system already heh, well enough off the off-topic chat.

Where can i purchase homebrew applications/games?

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As far as I know, you don’t need to PURCHASE any homebrew software. In fact, PVB has a good homebrew repository right here: <http://www.vr32.de/modules/games/index.php?type=homebrewn&sec=main>

Just check the downloads section for each released game.

Well the reason i want to purchase a cart is for these reasons:

A) Supports the programmer(s)
B) I can play it on my actual Virtual boy ( i can play these once the flashboy is available)

C) I don’t see why the programmer wouldn’t mind $10-20 in their pocket
( lol )


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