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How many of your Nintendo Wii’s sit unused collecting dust?
I think the games really are not that great they are good for a week then easily lost intrest. It sits beside a PC not used,

Mind you my virtual boy is used once a week ( been once every few hours for past week) lol.

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I use my Wii a lot. Especially since WiiKey is in there. MarioParty8 is a game we play quite a lot. Just finished all 120 Stars of Super Mario Galaxy which I think is one of the greatest games ever made. Nintendo showed again that they can still improve in sequels of such a great series. Those little planets are just so much fun to explore. It is true however that no that many superduper games haven been released for the Wii jet. Resident evil is the next I’m going to play. O and not to forget WarioWare which is not a long time motivator but I play it every now and then because I like how it makes use of the Wiimote.

I play Wii a lot (when I have free time, that is). I think it’s the ideal “party console”, opposed to the “play alone” PS3 & XBox360. Of course, you can play multiplayer in all of them, but by “party console” I speak of mini-games which give a lot of fun for 30-minute plays. Of course, if you compare the same game in XBox 260, PS3 and Wii, the first two versions will probably be much better than the Wii version. Now I’m hooked up to Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and Metal Slug Compilation.

hmm well wow actually 😮 i sit and play NES all day with friends
All my friends hate the wii now and think its boring.
🙂 nice to know somebody is using the system

I quite agree with Atari2600…
My Wii is not collecting dust just because is boxed.

The only game i REALLY liked was Wii sports.
The others are not so “revolutionary”.
But i’m waiting to find a reason to unbox it again (Metroid?)

Right now i spend much more time on DS… i really love DS!

Personally, I’ve been playing nothing but Wii for the past few months. It really has some decent hardcore games. In August, I had Trauma Centre: Second opinion. I’ve never played the DS version so it was a completely new experience for me. After that, I had Metroid Prime 3 which was simply amazing. I loved exploring all the different planets… and now I have super mario galaxy which is by far my game of the year. The good thing about Wii is it has a lot of good games, but they’re not all FPSses like on the 360 and PS3. Wii is definately the console for niche genres this gen.

Everything collects dust.

The Wii does too.

If you look closely, my Wii is very dusty.

Yet I use it everyday.

The only way for it not to be dusty is if you wiped it everyday. 🙂

Thats what i do, I have a almsost everyday routine of dusting my game systems 😀
My systems I have owned since purchase usually dont got a scratch either :]


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