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Hi there,

As you may not know, I’m a member of a french association whose goal is to preserve old videogames, restore them and eventually present them in an annual show near Paris.

As I said a few days ago, I made a cabinet to allow our visitors to discover the marvels of the VB: we have 3 VB, but two years ago someone broke one. Since then I used to stick the bipods with some duct tape, but it was not a serious way to deal with the problem.

Here are some pictures of the cabinet near finished. I based it loosely on the famous “arcade cabinet that never existed” so all the good ideas belong to him, I’m only responsible of the mistakes 😀 I choose a bartop design because I don’t have much place left in my tiny gameroom and it’s more comfortable to play at home during a few hours, sitting in front of the cabinet.

The plan (in centimeters):

Work in progress:

The marquee features an “infinite mirror” effect. Thi part is yet to finish, I have to buy a glass panel cut “to mesures” (is this how you’d say in english ?) and stick the one-way-mirror-effect film. Here is a preview test on an old acrylic panel:

it’s much more impressive in reality !

And now, ladies and gentlemen, is roughly where I stopped for now:

Since this last photo I only added the T-molding to cover the edges.

Remaining steps:
-replace the white power cord by a black one,
-finish the marquee,
-create a control panel with two sticks (I can switch the existing one with a standard controller, depending on wich game is proposed).

I’d be happy to know your feelings about all this, thanks by advance 😉

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It’s looking good. Can’t wait to see it completed.

Great job!

This looks amazing! What did you use to mount the VB? Doesn’t look like the default stand.

Thanks for your posts !

, I used a glulam bracket, and the metallic mounting part from the stand (the part above the plastic one wich brokes every time). I didn’t modified it so the standard stand is still complete if I want to use it.

Love the work you put into this! In my dreams I imagine having a game room with something similar in it.

Simply excellent work.

Looks great. Colours match really well and the infinite mirror is a nice touch.

that’s pretty slick! I think I like it better than the Nintendo tabletop store display/demo to be honest.

With the infinity mirror effect, do you just apply some kind of mirror film behind the glass with the logo etched in? If so that makes more sense than what I imagined doing, which was placing a number of identical panels together to give the illusion of depth :p

There is first a mirror, the logo is etched in it and lighted from behind.
Then there is the marquee,a glass panel with the one-way mirror inside.

I have near finished the T-molding but don’t have a lot of time to myself these days to the last details.

It is now at home in the gameroom and fully fonctionnal, it lacks just a few hours of work.


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