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Do you sort them by title alphabetically, by genre, by region, by release date, or a mix?

I currently have my games organized separately by US or JPN, generally by release date.

However, I am curious about the actual game order. Release date isn’t accurate, and the majority of PCB scans on this site are blurry so it’s hard to check the details on the chips.

Which came first, Teleroboxer, Red Alarm, Mario’s Dream Tennis, or Galactic Pinball? One would assume Mario’s Tennis, but I believe the chip dates later than Teleroboxer for example (9537 for Tennis, 9526 for Teleroboxer). The Wario and Red Alarm Demo carts are also dated earlier than the consumer releases if I remember correctly going by the 95xx or 96xx numbers.
It would be great to be able to connect the dots and know the exact order. I may even combine my US and JPN collection once the conclusion is decisive.

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I only have one game (Mario’s Tennis) and its in my VB, so I have nothing to optionally arrange 😛

EDIT: also, Ironically (even though its about me only having one VB game) this post made my title thingy go from “VB gamer” to “Virtual Freak”!

I usually sort all my games by the date I purchased them. But I am really not a gamer to be honest, I am more of a technology and innovation fan (so my game collections are small)


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