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I’m making a new program, and when I use VIDE to make a world and then run the program, it has little black squares in the middle of my pretty picture. No matter how many times I redo putting it in VIDE or moving the worlds around, the black squares are still there. What causes this, and how do I get rid of it?

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The only problem I’ve ever had with the image import feature of VIDE is when I tried to use a picture made up of more than 512 different 8×8 tiles (which is a silly limitation, because the VB can display 2048 of them at once, but that’s a different discussion) and the error manifests toward the bottom of the map as it runs out of tiles to use. I’ve never seen this “random black squares” phenomenon.

A “before and after” screen-shot would help with the diagnosis.

Also, if you just can’t get it to work, maybe you should give “grit” a try (search the forum). The command-line seems a bit daunting at first, but the doc is actually quite readable (and dasi, I, and probably a few others can help if you get stuck).


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