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Wow, it’s good to be back. Nice to see that the VB community is still thriving. I’m really excited that Mednafen supports VB really well, I might actually have a chance to at least write something that works for this year’s contest. Anyways, the emulator got me thinking about a VB controller I picked up at a garage sale with a hole chewed in the cord, and how it would be awesome if it was supported by my Raphnet (S)NES/Sega/Atari adapter. So I added VB support into the firmware of the device (I don’t know if anyone besides me even has one of those, but I suggest you build one if you don’t. They’re cheap to build and they work great.)

You know, you learn something new every day… Nintendo kept its controllers backwards compatible all the way up to the Virtual Boy. I only had to make slight mods to the SNES controller code to get this working. So theoretically, you could chop the end off of a VB controller cord (although why would you want to do that?) and solder on a SNES connector with the lines matched up properly, and the right d-pad would map to ABYX. So nice of them to do that. 🙂

Anyway, the source archive is here. (The forum software wouldn’t let me attach it for some reason.) Just make it and flash the resulting main.hex to your device, then connect the VB controller to the adapter over the same lines as NES/SNES controllers. Just a quick heads up, VB mode will replace NES mode with this firmware installed, so if you use NES controllers, you’ll just have to use SNES mode.

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