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I ordered a quality hydro dipped & clear coated Xbox 360 controller a few months back on Ebay from a seller named wikedcustomz and thought – why not try the same thing with a Virtual Boy?

Well, the results are in and this is what it looks like. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to look this good due to the strange shape, but hydrographics are great at filling in all the small cracks and crevices. All I had to do was disassemble and mask around the logo, focus knob, eye piece, and parallax adjustment to ensure they would still fit/work afterwards – wikedcustomz did the rest.

Some of you may think this to be a form of blasphemy or consider this defacing one of the greatest systems ever, but I think it’s pretty damn cool!

***I used my regular US retail unit, so no demos or display units were harmed in the making of this post πŸ˜‰ ***

There are several hydro dipping companies out there, but these guys do a first rate job and add a nice high quality clear coat. wikedcustomz official website – http://aquagraffix.com/

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I may get some serious flack for this, but to me it’s nice to see a modern look done to such a classic system. They did a first rate job. Kudos

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Army look.

That looks great. It’s a few steps above what I can do. I now have something new to aspire to.

I think it looks great..and I love the way it displays on the Japanese display stand.


Glad you all like it. I was a bit hesistant at first because I’m really into modifying anything I’m particularly fond of, especially my coveted VB collection. I kept thinking – “What happens if I don’t like it,” or “What if the pattern or paint doesn’t stick?”

I should have known better because aquagraffix.com really did an awesome job. My only regret is that I masked over the logo. I think it would have looked much smoother had I just let them paint over that as well. Regardless, it still felt like Christmas morning when I opened that box! πŸ˜‰

foil_lone_wolf wrote

That looks great. It’s a few steps above what I can do. I now have something new to aspire to.

It’s light years above what I can do too! I just let someone else do it for me because I don’t have any skills, whatsoever, in that department. If you are interested, it was around $70 + shipping. I know that sounds a bit high, but you won’t be disappointed. I just sold some random attic stuff on eBay to fund this project.

There are also do-it-yourself hydro dip kits available online if you’d like to take charge and experiment on your own. πŸ™‚

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Should say: “I’m not* really into modifying anything I’m particularly fond of…”

That came out rather well, its something I just found out they do that where I work, we have a paint & polishing shop and they dip too. I toyed with getting my ‘spare’ dipped to look like carbon fiber, maybe one day when I am playing around inside it I could take the time to remove the case and get it done.
I like the way yours has been clear coated it really makes it look smart.


You know… I’m kind of wishing I would have ordered a plain Jane stand fix kit. I probably could have had one of those dipped to match. Hmm…

I have to agree that the hydro dipped Virtual Boy looks very good. But I think that not painting over the Virtual Boy logo was the best idea. I don’t know how it looks up close in real life, but I think it looks great in the picture as is.

I have to agree with Benjamin, the logo is so important to the look, it had to stay. I think you made the right decision.


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