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So a little while ago I FINALLY got to do some 2 player Hyper Fighting action.

For the longest time I was always missing a component. First it was a link cable, then it was a second copy of the game. Finally I got my hands on a cart flasher/dumper from Kevin here (the baby VB one) with a 128mb flash cart. Only thing is, by the time I finally got that I had traded my second VB for a rare handheld system. Damn.

So I’ve known my friend down the road from me has a VB as well, but we’ve just never been able to connect and actually hang out. Well that day finally came and I FINALLY got my first taste of 2 player Virtual Boy gaming! I must say, everything went off without a hitch, and the three of us that were there had a blast. They were both pleasantly surprised by the quality of Hyper Fighting itself, and blown away by the fact that we were playing multiplayer on a Virtual Boy. I was actually surprised that they even knew the history of the system and the significance of being able to do it. They also thought it was cool since it is something that not a ton of people get the chance to do. Needless to say we’re looking forward to having a 2 player Mario Tennis night, and definitely looking forward to the multiplayer homebrew games that are in the works.

Cheers to everyone involved with everything around here. Without the efforts of various people contributing in different ways that night never would have been possible. It is so cool that our beloved little red console has had such an amazing afterlife. VB on everyone!

PS: Yes, it was a little strange bringing my display kiosk thing to my friends house, but they thought it was awesome too. They had a hoot making jokes about the “deluxe model”

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Awesome. Glad this came together.

Stuff like that has both got to make it totally worth it to you and Mellott there given his mighty hand in all that.


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