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So I ended up purchasing a copy of Jockey Zero for the PS1. I thought why not, given its ties to the VB’s cancelled Virtual Jockey.

My plan is to mod a PS1 and record some footage of it for Youtube. There’s like, zero footage of it out there. I’m also going to scan all the pages of the manual. Looking at the screen shots in the manual, this game really does look like a color version of the pictures we’ve seen.

In the mean time, here’s some pictures of the case.

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Very nice! I’m curious to see more of this game myself.

I’m thinking that I have to make English translations for these. I might start on them sometime next week.

That would be great, I’d love to see the manual translated! I’ll see if I can get you some better scans real soon.

I received the mod chip in the mail for my Playstation, so todays plan is to get that all soldered in and try the game out.

So I grab my playstation I got randomly from somewhere, I don’t even know where I got it anymore, it’s been sitting around my house forever. I take all the screws out, modchip in hand. Tear the metal plating off, take out the remainder screws that’s holding the board in and take it out, and flip it over to inspect…..And there’s a modchip just sitting there soldered in. Well stupid me never thought to actually try the damn thing out before finding/ordering a modchip and waiting for it to arrive…here I could have been playing it as soon as I got the game!

Oh well, now I got a spare mod chip. I’m gonna go play some Jockey Zero!

LOL. That’s funny.

I’m definitely interested in seeing gameplay videos of it.

I couldn’t believe it, lol.

So I’ve recorded the intro and stuff, but that’s as far as I got because it seems no matter how I set my camera shutter speed you can see the lines from the CRT/camera mismatch. I don’t have a capture setup and I thought the CRT would look nicer to record, with the crisp look and deep blacks. Turns out I can’t stop the line from eventually showing up at some point.

Now I gotta setup camp on an LCD TV.

I will say for now that the intro is not FMV or anything, and it’s so simple it could easily be done on the Virtual Boy. I would doubt if it would have been any different to what they were already planning.

Here’s what I have so far

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Ok, I’ve finally got a decent gameplay video uploaded. Enjoy!

There was one race I had to edit out as my camera screwed up and it wasn’t complete footage, so that is why there’s a spot which skips a bit.

Very nice video! With that quality, I could even translate game screens, if I would feel the urge to do so. 🙂

Thanks! I’m glad the quality is good enough. I can always record more if you’d like to see some more of the game. The translations of the booklet are helping me understand the game a bit better, I mean I could get the gist of it before but now I know the strategy WAY better. As you can see in the video I’m not exactly dominating races yet =P
If you do decide you want to translate the game screens definitely post your findings =D

speedyink wrote:
Ok I’ve redone the scans. They’re at least acceptable now, without that rainbow effect.

Did you also scan pages 26 and 27? They appear to be missing from these posted scans.

Crap! I must have missed it when I did the bulk upload. Here it is.

Excellent. I should have the instruction booklet fully translated by sometime next week.

Sounds great!


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