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Everything about this game is great (graphics, sound, ambition!) except the difficulty.

It’s so easy! Even on “Hard” mode. I’m not a SF2 pro or anything either, but here’s an example: You can beat pretty much everyone by just jumping towards them with FK and then sweeping them with FK as they try to get up. One button is all you need to win. If the enemy remembers to block, he’ll forget the next time you try it again.

Just thought I’d express my disspointment with the A.I., everything else is amazing and a killer feat to have pulled off.

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Yeah I did a fair amount of sweep kicking as Guile. It’s kind of good though because I don’t have the patience for fighting games like I did as a kid in the 90s. I don’t know what the appeal was back then but I’m completely 180 on them now. The old ones don’t hold up for me. The newest one I’ve played was MK 10, and it really put me off how there were no unlockables or any real “reason” to progress, as I’d expect in a newer game.


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