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Has anyone thoght about adding two other leds to this to try and get more colors. Its strange to me that a 32bit system ony uses 4 pallets of color. I get that it was rushed in development and they wanted to cut cost, but surely they must have had a way to implement more colors into not only the software but hardware as well. I really want to build a chip that can go into the virtual boy to add more colors by intercepting the data from the games before it goes to the eyes and basically runs an emulator to add more colors to the games along with 3 color leds. has anyone else thought about doing something like this?

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The Virtual Image Processor (VIP) in the Virtual Boy is only capable of outputting monochrome images. I doubt the VB hobbyists here will make a color version that can output better graphics, but Nintendo’s own attempt was too expensive in 1995, so they just used red LED’s as they were the cheapest kind, and that disappointed everyone from the beginning.

Its only monochrome because they limited it to 4 pallets of color with it being 32bit it should be in therory able to run 32 pallets of color. After tearing into about +10 of these guys it seems to me they had plans to add more colors. Basically you have a 32bit system running at 4 bits. I really want to make a full color virtual boy if not at least as many colors as the gba playing original gameboy games.

In 1995 it was a matter of availability of other colored LEDs. The VB would have needed to be delayed by a year or two for it, which obviously wasn’t happening with the push to get it out before the n64

You’re not the first person to want a full-color VB, but the only realistic way to do it is through emulation. Even then, it would be shoehorned in, since the original games – and, as has been explained before, the system itself – only produces monochrome images.

You don’t seem to understand what a palette is (or how to spell it), the concept of bit width in a computer system, or how many LEDs are in a VB (224 for each eye, on 1cm-long silicon dies, which also contain demultiplexing and driving circuitry). But I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :thumpup: Keep us posted!

Whilst this might divert from the original question for making the virtual boy full color, would it be possible to replace the red led/eyepiece with green led/eyepiece to make the ‘Game Boy’ virtual boy?

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I guess so! Remember, the VB suffered from one problem: eyestrain. So it’s probably a good idea to not make the green LED’s too bright then. At least this was the case for mid-90’s technology, can newer LED’s cause less problems?


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