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This game has caused nothing but drama for the VB scene. I am so happy the ROM is finally out there and Kevin is stepping up to release a re-programmable cart that will support it!

Nah, the game didn’t create the drama, people did that.

Honestly, once dumpers started getting out there I was immensely surprised at how long it lasted being unleaked.

It goes to show the honesty of the VB community. Some of us were given a ROM*, told not to release it, and all did that very thing. It’s obvious from this download it’s a dump, not the original rom file given out, so in the end it most likely wasn’t one of the original folks who were told not to.

I must say good job everyone, in the Prototype community shit gets behind-the-back released all the time. This community proves time and again to be one of the more honest ones.

*A list of people is in the credits for the game, there wasn’t a bunch of us*

No offense and I am not trying to argue point-of-views, but I am in the exact opposite boat. I’ve never appreciated the secrecy and hoarding that comes along with prototypes and ROM dumps. Also, we lost some of the VB scene who openly stated it was directly related to this game and the drama that came along with it.

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No offense taken, as I’m on the same side of the fence. I’m not a hoarder, I’ve released most my personal prototype dumps. Most the ones I haven’t is just because I don’t have a means to dump them.

The only thing I have an issue with is going against a persons wishes who has been good person to you. I’m totally fine with releasing my own stuff. When something is given to me in trust however, that’s where I have an issue releasing it.

Also I wasn’t aware such a member left because of the drama. That is sad to hear.

I feel the same way too. I may have newer to the whole community as of this year, but the issue isn’t a VB issue, it’s a hobby wide troll and power issue.

Years ago I even went out of my way in past eras to thwart this kind of garbage as I was once a scener in another decade. There were times in the GBA and earlier NES release era some people felt the need to lord stuff ovesr, and given I had the contacts or direct capability I stuffed a few things out to put a thumb in the eye and I relished it.

I think part of the proto end of it though is simple, people selling prototypes as new releases are basically felons, they’re crooks, selling, trafficking, and mail frauding stuff to buyers they have no legal right to. They’re not stupid, they know it when they buy the board, they own the board, not the contents unless the actual owner licensed or sold it to them. It makes it an even more sour thing when stuff like that gets controlled minimal releases, ROM hiding, and other petty stuff. It infuriates people and they just walk away.

In the case of hyper fighting, it made its money awhile back from the developer. There was no real solid ground reason to hide the thing after the fact other than control freak politics.

no it didn’t make its money back. The guy who commissioned it, didn’t get a cut, if I’m not mistaken. Ben put down the cash, then a lot of us paid $80-100 bucks for the release, none of which went out to him. Now, I’d be cool if the release promoted for those other games to come out using the same engine (Mortal Kombat, etc.)

Anyway, thanks again Ben.

Are you saying you received a cart for $100 or less from the pre-order process everyone went through?


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