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Apparently, complete-in-box copies of Mr. Anon’s and MK’s incredibly well-crafted homebrew game “Hyper Fighting” are now out there in the wild, as impressions of the game are starting to pop up here and there. At the time of writing, we have no further info from the team behind this, but it seems that the game won’t see a public release due to the obvious copyright dilemma. For now, we can only gaze in awe at the photos lucky owners of the few existing copies share with the world.

hyper-fighting-1 hyper-fighting-2

The above photos come from Vectrex Roli. speedyink has even shared a full video review.

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Looks like the real thing. Great work to all involved!

Awesome work !
I loved this game since the first demo released.
This game show’s what’s possible with the VB.
The artwork of the box and manual look’s fantastic.
So sad that the game was never be available πŸ™
Thanks speedyink for making the full video review.

Thanks for posting my review in the News, KR155E πŸ™‚

And no prob, Cosmoliner, Once I was given the OK I wanted to share a detailed look with everyone =D

Really impressive. We were thinking about maybe doing a release of this game..but it never got out of the early stages of designing boards. I’m really happy it did get released thou. If anyone else see’s copies of this for sale anywhere…please let me know πŸ™‚


Now we just need “Killer Instinct”.

Pretty slick! Thanks for posting the video. It is great to see such a refined piece of work. I can’t imagine what it took to create this masterpiece, but I tip my hat to all involved. Great job!

Great Work

:thumpup: :thumpup: :thumpup:

Now I had some time to make a short video:Hyper Fighting Video

it is a really sweet port. the 3d depth is really fun, it works pretty well with the sprites. sound effects and everything are rather impressive. the game really shows what is possible on the VB. i picked up two copies so i could try the VS when the cable is released, but i’ve since lost interest in spending more money on a second VB. has anyone tried a 2player game, is it any fun?

One really great thing about all this is that what was once just a rumor in Japan in 1995 has now become a reality 20 years later!


I am a LOOONG time lurker over here, but I have to say: Congrats on making this one!

Looks very authentic to the “Real” one 😯 πŸ˜€

I think everyone needs to make a topic people can reply too..this is going to get long πŸ™‚

I hope that one day a flash boy version will be made

Are they selling these any time soon? And will they sell the link cables they’re making?

from what i’ve read, this game will not get a public sale due to copyright worries. a C&D from capcom would end all of the fun rather quickly.

last i read the link cable was still being toyed with. we all expect it to be sold as soon as it is ready.

I think everyone is being a bit too fearful of Capcom and a cease and desist. They haven’t stopped the progress of Resident Evil 1.5 restoration and fans have been working on that since 2012ish so I really don’t think a home brew street fighter port on a failed widely poorly received console from 20 years ago is something they would worry about.

Even if they did there’s not much info about this game out there and whoever made this seems to have went through great lengths to burry the street fighter association going as far as changing the name to hyper fighting, and keep themselves hidden. Watching youtube videos on this game gives mixed information. some people are talking like this was some kind of limited test run while others speak like the game was just a regular release.

There’s no consistency and everyone is so fearful of possible legal action from Capcom it seems the story is going to stay that way even on this forum.

It’s like something from The X-files. A “deny everything” type conspiracy. Too bad I don’t have The Lone Gunmen to help decode this conspiracy πŸ˜›

If you are selling anthers parties intellectual property that party is forced to to stop you as otherwise they could loose their copyright. That’s why HF is not being sold. There you have your X-File case solved.

It is very easy say people are being too careful if you are not the one who has to fear legal actions. Maybe if you contact the programmers and offer them to sell their game for them while taking all of the risk you can make a release happen.

Ken wrote:
…whoever made this seems to have went through great lengths to burry the street fighter association going as far as changing the name to hyper fighting…

Not to get too technical, but “Hyper Fighting” isn’t exactly a change of name, more like a truncation. The full title of Street Fighter II Turbo was “Street Fighter II’ Turbo: Hyper Fighting.” Thus, simply the last part of the name has been retained for this version.

Technical translation aside any association of this and street fighter are swept under the rug. The youtube videos say theirs little or no association of this game to street fighter, the videos wouldn’t even play music from the game with fear of copyrights, and whoever programmed the game is unknown. Even here everything is hush hush, and there’s very mixed things said about the game and any information on it.


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