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Apparently, complete-in-box copies of Mr. Anon’s and MK’s incredibly well-crafted homebrew game “Hyper Fighting” are now out there in the wild, as impressions of the game are starting to pop up here and there. At the time of writing, we have no further info from the team behind this, but it seems that the game won’t see a public release due to the obvious copyright dilemma. For now, we can only gaze in awe at the photos lucky owners of the few existing copies share with the world.

hyper-fighting-1 hyper-fighting-2

The above photos come from Vectrex Roli. speedyink has even shared a full video review.

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Maybe you don´t know, but today you can get even a copyright strike by just showing a still picture (!) of a Zelda character. I got once some issues with one of my older videos where I showed the AtariVox+ speech synthesizer and they didn´t believe me that I “own all the rights” for the video part where that thing was talking.
So I usually try to avoid any original sound or music from any game regardless if it would be a clone of Tetris, Pacman or Street Fighter.

not to go too far off topic, tetris is a story i’m familiar with. i was reporting for a video game site and we got letters from different lawyers. tetris is now trademarked and we couldn’t use it in certain contexts. we had to rename and/or pull all associated files from the site.

this game may use an original engine and code, but it is using sprites, sound, music, and IPs without permission. selling it openly would be a pretty bad idea. if a few of these hit public sale i don’t think much will happen. but a site selling them in bulk would surly have problems. i’ve seen paypal/banking sites frozen for far less.

That looks fantastic. I would kill for a copy!

Some unforeseen family related problems have kept me absent from the VB community these past few months. It’s great to come back and see this project finished, and to read about new titles in the works on the “mockup” thread.

The game looks very good. Nice to see it getting some well deserved attention.

Looks amazing, would love to buy a copy, if anyone has the right contacts, PM me please cash waiting!

Biggest tease ever!! Unfair!


The demo was great but this… ♥ I’d give everything to have one copy.

Please God make this game be sold !

Hope this game or the rom will be finally released… 🙁

Oh, I want it so bad! 🙂 What’s a nice box, manual and the game itself!
Seriously, is there any (semi)legal way to buy a copy or two? Contact me via manwe@unseen.is please.
Can we motivate the author somehow to release more cartridges?

Here it is on eBay right now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nintendo-Virtual-Boy-Hyper-Fighting-Street-Fighter-II-SF2-3D-New-/121799457155?hash=item1c5bd03983:g:b78AAOSwl9BWK~8h

@ a little over $1000 and some change. I don’t want the game that badly.

rom is def out there!!


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