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I thought it might be fun to have a contest for best eInk art for display on the HyperFlash32 eInk display. Winner will get a free HyperFlash32 cart ($150 value). This contest is open to anyone, even existing buyers. I’ll refund your cart price if you’ve already paid or give you a second free one.

The idea is to generate eInk labels that would be associated with a loaded ROM file. This is flashed to the screen so that you know what game is currently programmed. It’s meant as a changeable game label.

You can see the visible area of the image below in the picture of approximately 226 x 168 pixels set within a 264 x 176 frame. Your image needs to be 264 x 176 in size but only the 226×168 offset image will be visible once on the cart. Image needs to be in 4 gray shades to match the display: black, white, and two intermediate shades. Saved as a 24bit BMP file (this is what I need to convert to an eInk format). I’ve also attached an image showing an example 4 shades of gray available on the display, as well as some images I’ve done already. Be aware that the images I’ve done in the examples are NOT offset properly. To keep everything consistent in the conversion on my end lets use gray levels 0xFFFFFF, 0x000000,0xC0C0C0, and 0x808080.

The images I’ve done were ripped/modified from various existing labels/places. This may not be the best approach as they were not originally designed for a 4 grayscale display. But I won’t restrict people in any way. Feel free to do what you think is best.

For judging, I’ll put the images on an eInk display and pick my favorite 3. I was going to let the community vote via a poll, but someone brought to my attention that cheating would be very easy via a poll. So I’ll be the judge on this one but I’ll pick my top 3 favorites. Then I’ll randomly pick out of a hat from the top three for the final grand prize. I’ll pick the top 3 on May 1st. Then select the top one. I’m likely to have a 2nd and 3rd place prize as well. TBD on what those are.

To enter, just post your image here in this thread when its ready. By posting and entering the contest you’re open to letting others use your image on their own personal HyperFlash carts. The idea is to share labels.

Let me know if you have any questions. I reserve the right to modify the contest slightly just in case some issues arise that I didn’t think of but the general idea will remain untouched.

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  • This topic was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by mellott124.
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The Red Menace wrote:

mellott124 wrote:

The idea is to put names of people that have labels under “Label Available” in the hope to easily see what labels have NOT been generated.


I’ll start filling in ones I know, but anyone with link access can modify it.

The document is ‘View only’ when I go into it, but regardless, besides the ones you put down of mine (most of them), I also did labels for Golf, Nester’s Funky Bowling, Panic Bomber, SD Gundam Dimension War, Space Invaders Virtual Collection, and Virtual Boy Wario Land. It should be accurate at least for my stuff when those are added :).

You’re right. Thanks. Should be fixed now.


Guess what came in the mail yesterday(PVB was down yesterday where I was at) still guessing?

It was the VB adapter, to play VB games on my PC. And lucky for me I have a 3d monitor too so it’s more than awesome! now it’s very close to playing on a real VB I love it thanks Mr Mellott! I’m glad that my artwork placed!

I did build those free HF32 carts for the 1st place contest winners. Here are two for TheRedMenance and VirtuousRage that are shipping tomorrow.
These are from the prototype batch so there’s a few dings on them that won’t be on the production units. And TheRedMenance requested the older red cover.

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Here’s the last prize going to RMZK. Thanks everyone for a great contest!

Mine just arrived and it’s freaking amazing!!
Thanks a million!
Was a super fun contest!


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