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As I’ve discussed in a few other threads on the forums, I’m working on a HyperFlash32 cart as a replacement for the FlashBoy+.

HyperFlash32 will contain a 32Mbit Flash (enough for the full HF ROM), 32k x 8 nvSRAM (no save battery required), and a new faster 32bit ARM microcontroller (MCU) running at 32MHz, on board SD card slot, and USB port for control using your PC. ROM files are placed on the SD card and programmed to the flash memory using the MCU, with automatic padding. A simple PC based interface will be used to control the programming steps much like my VB programmer. The on board MCU and SD card slot arrangement was chosen to make programming as fast as possible and provide a single integrated programmer and cart solution. The ARM MCU will also have a bootloader to allow future firmware upgrades as functionality is added. It will also have the features of my VB programmer like SRAM save functionality to save your game progress.

Schematics are done and I’m ready to go to layout so I’m taking preorders to help get it across the finish line. You can read more about it here, as well as place your preorder if you’re so interested: http://www.mellottsvrpage.com/index.php/hyperflash32/


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Cooljerk wrote:
Registered for this site just for this topic. I have a furrtek-installed virtual tap in my VB and have been looking for a flashcart solution for ages.

how can I get on this mailing list? Have orders already been taken?

Thanks for reaching out. Please contact me at mellottsvrpage@gmail.com. Thanks!

Oh, are e-mails preferred over PMs?

Gookanheimer wrote:
Oh, are e-mails preferred over PMs?

Anything is fine but emails are instant to my phone. PM’s I have to login and check. 🙂 However, I also check PlanetVB, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. Discord on I’m on all the time. I try to be available.

Been following this on and off since the beginning. What an amazingly dedicated project! I’m super down for this as well.
Email sent!

This is awesome! I’ve wanted to play the HyperFighting rom for so long and always sad my flashboy couldnt do it! Email sent for the next batch (hopefully) 🙂

I would like to order one if possible. I used your contact forum on your site but is a PM better here to get on a list?

They’re all sold out until next year.  I can put your email down on the interest list for the next batch.

I wanted to post some pics here as most of the information on my HyperFlash32 project has been on the PlanetVB Discord. Just in case people circle back here in the future, prototypes are now being shipped and the first production unit is half assembled on my desk now. Here’s a few pictures of carts that have already shipped to people.

And production units are shipping now. Just shipped the first 2. 🙂

I’m so stoked, my head fell off

That’s impressive. Wish at the time I had the funds to go in on this. Been good taking with you in discord under my other name there.


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