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It is often said in the Gamer Community that you can “port” Doom to anything. Well, not anything. We’ve never seen it on Virtual Boy, unfortunately. But we can imagine! I have to say that the console’s reddish would go pretty well with the game’s martian horror vibe!

(Ps: It’s not my video. I found it randomly on youtube, liked it and decided to bring it here.)

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We can only hope it would run that smoothly. 🙂

According to John Carmack a VB Doom would have been difficult.
He said a Wolfenstein 3D would be a much better option.

At the time Virtual Boy was released, if it had been successful, it could have happened with some special ship on the cartridge. As a homebrew, it would be possible. I’ve seen conversions in much more precarious places. But it would certainly have to be in a much, much lower resolution.

Wolfenstein would be awesome too. Easier or not!


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