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I with the help of a few other talented people we are working on a project towards the goal to rebuild the Nintendo Spaceworld 94 Virtual Boy Prototype.
There is only one known system out in the wild.
All related parts are designed in 3D CAD using accurate measurments and many detailed reference pictures from the real prototype.
The ultimate goal of this project is to have all parts available to be able to mod a retail Virtual Boy into a Nintendo Spaceworld 94 Virtual Boy Prototype.
The system is fully working after the modifications. Its more a cosmetic change.
You can follow the project on the Planet Virtual Boy Discord server: https://discord.gg/jZQ5ySUX
All loose parts have already been created in 3D CAD and have been test printed.
This includes: Prototype Focus Slider, Prototype IPD Knob, Prototype Eyeshade Holder, Prototype Virtual Boy Stand Screw Knob, Prototype Stand Mount and the Prototype Controller D-Pad.
Still to do in 3D CAD are the Speaker parts, the colored Controller Buttons and the upper and lower Virtual Boy shell.
The biggest challenge will be the Virtual Boy shell. In order to get that as correct as possible we are going to get that 3D scanned with at least 0.05mm accuracy. On that 3D scan we will add back the prototype characteristics.
Getting the shell professional 3D scanned won’t be cheap but that is the only part we can not do ourselfs.
But instead to ask for donations for the scan, we have something else for you if you want to support this project.
The Nintendo Spaceworld 94 Virtual Boy Prototype had a different Eyeshade as the retail version. In fact the prototype Eyeshade is much more comfortable. I was able to track down the very same material which was used for that prototype eyesahde. 50 prototype Eyeshades have been produced. They come with a special designed box.
I ask for 29 Euro for one Eyeshade plus shipping to everywhere in the world.
The money from that will then be used for this project.
All the final parts will be printed with high detailed SLA printing.
We will then also offer retail to prototype conversation kits to those who are interested in owning a reproduction of the Spaceworld 94 Virtual Boy Prototype. Also all colors will be correct.
Please drop me a message here or on Discord if you want support the project.
There are only 50 Eyeshdes available. A few have already been sold.

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