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I have an eclectic VB cart collection that contains a lot of 1-off builds (Wario Land with a battery cage, Mario Clash hacked ROM, Jack Bros. hacked ROM, Space Squash English translation, etc). When thunderstruck released the Innsmouth Mansion English Translation patch, I knew I wanted it on a standalone cart!

More about that patch here: https://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7285

The person who had helped make most of my carts recently decided to stop doing so. As a result, I needed to find someone new and relatively affordable. It just so happened that I randomly stumbled upon https://www.vintex64.com/store/p164/Custom-VB-Card.html. They have a listing for custom carts so I contacted the people behind the site, made sure they were comfortable making the cart, and then placed my order.

The total cost was $43.50 USD (including shipping) for the PCB, a real VB cartridge shell, a real VB cart dust cover, and 2 stickers. The cart arrived fully assembled. It was shipped in a hand cut piece of cardboard placed inside of a vanilla envelope. The cart arrived safely about 2 weeks after placing my order. I was told the delay was so they could fully test the ROM hack before committing to my order!

Everything works great and I am extremely happy with this purchase. I wanted to make this post to share this experience with others who may be interested in similar purchases.


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Wow I had wondered about what their quality on the inside looked like. That looks like a decent piece of work on their part along with the cannibalized pin connector and repurposed shell and dust clip. All things considered what people end up charging for some stuff on the system that’s a very good deal.

I had been considering buying a game or two off of them myself, but I had been wondering about what they were up to and their quality. What would you say about their sticker, started fuzzy fair maybe with a clear sticker/tape over the top to seal it or what?

While I haven’t purchased anything from them yet, I’ve only heard good things about these repros they’ve had to offer. Glad another person was satisfied!


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