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This may come across as a bit odd, but is there anyone willing to sell a Virtual Boy that absolutely cannot be repaired but is cosmetically fine?

I’m not attempting a transplant, rather my intentions are a little sadistic. I personally think the thing would make a beautiful lamp!

Of course, I realize there are people out there who might need it more than I do, but if anyone is willing to sell me one anyway… woot!

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How would that work? Besides the eyeholes, the rest of the case is opaque.

I don’t have any dead VBs, however I would be interested in the internals (functional preferred) should you come across a complete unit. πŸ˜‰

I realize that as the eyeholes are the only exit point for the light it would be quite useless in terms of lighting. I guess you could call it more of an art piece or a [really creepy] night light.

What’s funny is that my girlfriend bought me my functional Virtual Boy and she would kill me if she thought I cannibalized it! πŸ˜›

And, as everyone knows, annoying significant others is the whole reason for having them.

Back to the lamp, I’d probably use low-wattage “night light” bulbs or possibly Christmas lights so as not to cause any heat problems.

That would make an awesome creepy night light… I’ve noticed if you take a picture with a flash near a VB, the eyes REALLY glow… looks totally creepy. I’ll have to paste a link to a Gauntlet arcade game I was selling that had a VB in the background… looks awesome πŸ™‚ .



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