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i just came back from the Disco. They had a nice discolaser there.
While watching the laser i got an idea.
There should be a way to translate or convert the screensignal from the VB to the laser so that you can draw games like Red Alarm on a big screen.
I bet that will look very cool.
The question is, is that possible?
I mean the VB uses LEDs and mirrors, the laser uses Laser LEDs and mirrors.
What you guys think?

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Not sure a laser display be very compatible with the raster concept of the VB, however a Vectrex linked to a laser via a Zektor ZVG would be an excellent fit!

Yeah, a laser display wouldn’t work to well unless you had 224 of them sweeping left to right (it’s raster, not vector, like VirtualZoa said)… laser displays are controlled like a vector monitor (and there’s actually LaserMAME, which lets you play vector games on a laser display: http://www.nightlase.com.au/lasermame/ ).

You did just give me a great idea though… I sometimes go to auctions, and a lot of times there’s a box of 100 laser pointers that goes for pretty cheap ($20 or so)… I could get 224 of them, make a huge laser bar, make an adapter from the VB display to the lasers, and control the sweeping with the mirror controller… probably need shutter glasses or something to have 3D though… but that would be TOTALLY sweet 🙂 . Never gonna happen though 😛 .


the problem is that your laser bar will be more than 2 meters long when you consider that one laser is 0,8-1,0 cm thick.
i had this idea too but this is very unpractical and the gaps between the laserdots are too big.
an other possibility is a LED wall…


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