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I’m confused…isn’t this freely available on the developers website?

Oh is it? Let me know. I know there is a difference between insect combat and insecticide

speedyink wrote:
I’m confused…isn’t this freely available on the developers website?

Is it? I’ve only ever seen a demo going around. If it’s identical to what was sold on UncleTusk I’d love to grab the rom.


It’s from this thread where he posted builds along the entire development process.


I don’t know if it’s the exact same rom as what was put on the cart, but it should be pretty darn close.

Thanks, I don’t get why it’s not in the homebrew download section but glad You shared the link.

That’s a good question, I see now that just going to his website doesn’t actually show any of the build links, they seem to just be throughout that thread.

I’ve noticed that too, the site here has some strange holes as far as some downloads or even just general images, basic stats, and other reviews or statement pieces go especially with homebrew and prototypes too.

I was wanting to see like for instance what Hyper Fighting had about a week ago and it’s a ghost town.


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