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Jorge and I have released both the playable ROM and source code of our first VUEngine multiplayer demo on our Patreon page. The ROM is almost identical to that released last year, but it has slightly different physics and updated credits.

For those of you who weren’t able to see the original, Patron-only release post for “SPONG”, it is a multiplayer top-down Pong variant for the Virtual Boy that supports the link cable. It’s meant as a rather simple demo project for the engine’s multiplayer capabilities.

We have moved away from further developing this game due to people’s interests in other projects, so we think that it is time to release the sources to give developers some solid sample code at hand that shows how to implement multiplayer game logic using VUEngine’s CommunicationManager class. Please, find the sources in the link below:


The demo has rudimentary versions of both the Marathon Mode (single player) and Versus Mode (multi player) enabled. While the game’s multiplayer code is already working nicely, the actual gameplay requires proper polish and additional features on top. There’s also no AI in Marathon Mode, so you control both paddles at once.

Although we don’t plan to put much more time in this project going forward, we still would love to hear your feedback on a few things; who knows, maybe some among you may want to try to improve and to complete it:

– Did you experience any problems with Versus Mode?
– Did you enjoy the top-down gameplay? Or, in other words, do you think it is a fun mechanic or something like a traditional Pong game would be better for instance?

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback either in the comments below, in Discord or via email (vuengine@planetvb.com)!


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