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This was rather surprising to see today!

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Awesome! I had no idea this was even uploaded. Gotta love the selective showing of subscriptions on YouTube lol.

And we were even mentioned, which is cool.

Great to see this brought to fruition!

Derek, the producer, had actually reached out to me by e-mail, in order to see if I had ever found out anything about the alleged prototype cartridge of Acclaim’s localization for the North American market, since I had tried to reach out to the administrator at Assembler Games who had originally posted about seemingly having it in his possession, but I had to give Derek the unfortunate news that after that original post, said administrator strangely remains completely quiet about it, at least publicly, to this day.

That’s a nice one! It’s refreshing to see an elaborate and well-researched video about the Virtual Boy for a change. 🙂


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