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When I bought my VB, it’s right display had the misalignment problem and showed corrupted graphics too, I was very disappointed at that time, but discovered that leaving it turned on by almost an hour, with a moving image, corrected both problems. Now I don’t play it too much, but use it eventually to test my projects on it, and found that after not using it by sometime both problems shows up again, but using the same technique as above, solves the problem again.

Does anyone experience such situation too?


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Sadly it’s a common problem with the Virtual Boy. The flex cable that is connected to the LED array is held on by glue and the glue can fail either from time, excess heat, or from physical abuse (ie dropping) The fix is easy if you have the right tool though.

The right tools being a ‘Security Bit’ (or some other way of opening the VB) and an oven. 😉

Project:VB has a page on fixing it.


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