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Yes, after several months of work between myself and my as of yet unnamed project partner. We have completed the Pockulus Chip.
It is a wearable Virtual Boy emulation system, that will produce 3D visuals.

I have tried out several VB games on it and they are functioning quite well.

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It works very well and you can either use the keyboard to play or an external usb controller.

For demonstration purposes; a picture of myself wearing it.
Also a photo with it plugged in to charge (it has 4 hours of mobile battery life) and a usb controller plugged in.

Holy crap! This came out amazing!

Sweet! Does it display VB games at full resolution?

It’s got less resolution unfortunately, that’s why it’s more of a novelty. I actually really like it though, as I can play any VB game instantly.

Looks like it’s a lot more comfortable to play lying down than actual VB hardware.

Nice job! 👍

Something I thought I’d mention is that individual games can be colorized (a shade of some color) how ever you like them to be (the colorization will be permanent unless you go back into the code and change it later).

So far, I have Wario Land in shades of blue (I also tried brown), Bound High in shades of Yellow, WaterWorld in shades of blue, Golf in shades green, V-Tetris in shades of orange. It’s actually quite fascinating to have games individually colorized.

I also changed the head strap to be outside as it was squeezing my face.

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The ability to change the colors is sweet! I bet it reduces a bit of eye strain too depending on the color

Actually, I’m becoming fond of yellow for VB Wario Land (sort of feels like a flashlight in the darkness). I like the novelty of it all, it’s definitely not a replacement for a real Virtual Boy but still it’s quite enjoyable in its own right.

even if u sold the kit just for the eye piece, for 100$, even without the pie. i would buy it asap

this is just awesome! can it emulate in Black and White as well as red and black.

@JoePassive – I will contact my project partner and see what he says about making kits.

– Any single color shade that you wish to do is possible, I have tried black and white and it’s quite nice for games like “Insmouse No Yakata.”

Also in case anyone wondered, every game has 9 potential save slots, that are accessed by tapping one of the upper keyboard numbers.

The two downsides are sound emulation is a bit crackily, and the resolution isn’t exactly VB spec. It looks more pixelated for sure. I am not bothered by either of the slight issues since I can now play VB games on the go easily.

Also the Gameboy to Virtual Boy emulation in 3D is very cool in black and white. It’s like the ultimate 3D Gameboy.

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So, I just compared a real VB to the Pockulus Chip, and discovered that the image in Pockulus is much larger than what you see in a real Virtual Boy (about 1.5x). Also strangely enough the 3D depth in games like Jack Bros. actually looks more effective in Pockulus Chip.

If I could correct the sound issue and have a better resolution screen then this would actually surpass real hardware. Sadly, I don’t believe the sound issues are fixable and finding a suitable 3.5” screen in a higher resolution would be much more expensive.

Benefits of Pockulus Chip:
*9 save slots for every game (including games not originally having a save function)
*1.5x image size thus a larger view
*ability to change the colors to anything (still only a shade of any color)
*light weight and actually able to be worn with true portability
*all games are stored on the system and swapping games is quick

Downfalls of the Pockulus Chip:
*poor sound quality (to the point when you’d rather play in silence or with the sound at no greater then 20%)
*lower resolution screen (though its only really noticeable in games like Baseball, SD Gundam, Vertical Force and Red Alarm)

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Yeah I would be 100 percent down with ordering a kit. This is quite awesome. I’m sure the number of people here alone that would be interested would make it worthwhile. I’m sure the facebook group Virtual Boy Fans unite would get some more orders also since there are a bunch of people on there that aren’t here. Heck I’d order two of them because I have a problem now. The problem has spread to Vectrex now too. At least I don’t gamble or drink much.

Oh I also wanted to mention that you can do video out on this system which will display the two images side by side on the TV (some 3D TVs can take two side by side images and convert them into viewable 3D.)


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