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I just recently downloaded Red Dragon v0.38, and everything works wonders except for one mysterious issue.

It plays all the fully compatible games (two to name being Jack Bros. and Panic Bomber), except for Nester’s Funky Bowling. Every time I load that ROM in particular, I get a black screen (not even the usual “read instruction and precaution booklets before operating” message). At first I suspected it was where I got the ROMs from ( http://www.romnation.net/ ), but I downloaded an N.F.B. ROM from another site and Red Dragon did the same thing to it. Could this be a bug that still hasn’t been fixed?

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IIRC the ROM listed as ‘good’ in GoodVBoy (and hence most ROM sites) is in fact bad. I remember a few of the ROMs being mislabelled.

Try locating the ‘other’ Nester ROMs and trying those.

(VERY late reply, lol, haven’t been here in a few months).

I figured out it was infact the ROM after I downloaded one from one site that didn’t even start up, then got rid of that one and downloaded one from another site, which partially worked. Thanks for the tip. 🙂


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