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Hi, my name is, well, I cant tell you my name, I am nine years old and I was into the newer crap but N64 & virtual boy have converted me!!!
I curruently own a virtual boy that i got off of ebay and am happy with it. Only problem is, the left lens broke and fell ino the virtual boy system and i dont know how to get it out. It works fine but i would like to get the lens out to prevent it messing with the wires and connecters. any tips besides taking it apart cause i am only 9 years old and i dont think i could put it back together. actually, i will tell you my name, it’s emil brandau. as you can tell it is a german name but i was born in america and only speak little german. i know nien means no, guten tag means good afternoon and guten margen means good morning. oh, and i also know that aveder sang means goodbye. Please tell me if i missplelled any german words so i can work on my german skills.

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Its always great to hear we;ve brought another one to the dark side. 😉

As for the lens, when it broke did it actually break into smaller pieces? If so, you can probably tilt the VB and shake them out, as you would anything thats fallen inside anything else.
If its not that small, you should still be able to get it out. After all, you got it in there.

well, it broke into at least 3 pieces and i only found 1 of them. the one that i found was like less than half of the original lens and i tried shaking it but it is pretty deep in there behind the mirror. oh, and i’m sorry i posted 3 threads in 30 seconds the other day.


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