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Hmm… That’s reeeeeally interesting. The person who’s listing it doesn’t seem to know much about it. If it’s modded so that you can connect it to a parallel port and upload ROMs then that would be very interesting… Unfortunately, I don’t live in Europe so I can’t buy it. I’d say….ask the person if they know more about it. If not, someone here might want to buy it, just to see (a) if it works, (b) what it does, (c) if someone can make a schematic for the mods that someone made.

cool shit! that’s not a modded vb but actually one that can be used with a vue debugger. you can’t really do anything with it, but since i am missing one for my dev kit, i’ll bid on it and put pics on the site if i get it. πŸ˜€

Holy cow….. That’s a dev kit!? It’s funny how such valuable things end up in the hands of people who have no idea what they are. Oh well, It’s slightly appealing to me as a collector, but I’ll feel better knowing that it’s in the safety of KR155E’s collection.

Hey, is there any way to mod a regular VB and turn it into a dev kit? The outsides look pretty much the same… How much different is the hardware?

That’s not a Dev Kit by itself… it’s just the display that connects to the Dev Kit. But no… the hardware inside the dev kit display is totally different than the regular VB (since it’s just a display, not a full system).


It would be quite interesting to see what is inside it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t KRI55E have a VB dev kit? Isn’t that not what the VUE Debugger is? I hoped that aquiring this would aid VB development in some way…

I know it’s just the display unit, it takes another big computer box type thing that it plugs into doesn’t it? So, how does this thing work anyway?

right, i got a vue debugger, but only the main unit and cables, i am missing the head unit, controller and scsi card to connect the debugger to the pc.

i assume it can also work without the head unit to compile a game, but with one you could execute code and display it on the head unit.

i don’t know of anyone who has gotten a vue debugger to work yet, though, dogp has or had a complete unit and it got recognized by the pc but not the program. looks like you need a complete “old school” setup with a 386 computer with isa slots etc like they were used in 1995. πŸ˜€

Yeah, I’m guessing the software was made to talk with a specific SCSI card πŸ™ .


How many VUE-Debuggers are in existence anyway? I know there’s a few that ended up in really sad places like this:

“Got one here πŸ˜‰ I use it to prop open my office door.”

Are the rest of them rotting in landfills, or gathering dust in a warehouse somewhere?


looks like a dev unit

fwirt: the one on that picture, team17’s, has been thrown away, at least that’s what i was told. πŸ™
but i know of several units in collectors’ hands:
– mine
– rezrov
– ferry
– dogp
– a japanese guy named je1vuj
– a japanese guy named lfact
– a japanese guy named umasugi
– virtual alan
– assembler
– the igdb guy
and maybe more i forgot.

i won the head unit by the way, for only 21 pounds. will put up pictures once i get it. πŸ™‚

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Yup… congrats! I was gonna bid since it’s totally worth that, but I didn’t want to screw you out of more money (since you probably bid more that I would have), and you actually need it for your kit πŸ˜› .


thanks, dogp. πŸ˜‰

So i just received the unit and put some pics on the front page. It was really cool to see that check program (as it always rocks to see new stuff on your VB screen ;D). I wonder if it’s on some of the EPROMs inside the unit and could be dumped? DogP, you probably saw this too when you tried to get your Debugger working, was yours the same version? Did you dump some chips of your Debugger? Any clue which chip it could be on and what interesting stuff might be on other chips? Maybe we could dump the main Chip and use it for a “VUE-Debugger emulator” to debug stuff with software only? Haha, OK, now I am talking trash. πŸ˜€

some more questions to dogp… you said your pc recognized the debugger… where did you see it? i noticed my cable is a scsi<->lpt one, so i tried connecting the debugger to the printer port but of course had no luck. this confuses my a bit, why is it a lpt plug and not a scsi plug?

anyone have a clue who the guy owning this debugger is? πŸ˜› he posted it years ago in the vgchat vb forum. that’s, i think, the only vue debugger scsi card i’ve ever seen.

Could you develop a printer port driver if you had the knowhow? (which I don’t :P)

By the way, where did you all get your dev units anyway? eBay?

Oh yeah, one last question, why are there empty spaces where the controller and ext ports on a normal VB?

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Weird… yours comes up to a screen when you turn it on? Mine never actually showed anything on the screen. I’m not sure where the test software would be on the debugger… there was an EPROM, but I never dumped it… but I wouldn’t think that was a test program since IIRC it was only a single 8 bit chip (which the CPU wouldn’t be able to execute natively).

And the cable isn’t Parallel port to SCSI… it’s the HDCN-50 SCSI on the VB side, and if it physically will plug into the parallel port, it’s a DB-25 connector, but also SCSI (like: http://cgi.ebay.com/Adaptec-2906-SCSI-PCI-Card-for-PC-MAC_W0QQitemZ170091726093QQcategoryZ39969QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ). My PC detected it by the SCSI BIOS, which will show up when you install a SCSI card.


it only boots the test program when nothing is connected to the scsi connectors, otherwise there is no output on the visor.
maybe i should try to dump the eprom(s) i can find in it, but i am a bit afraid to destroy my debugger. xD
ah, db-25. it’s physically the same connector? at least it fitted in the printer port. πŸ˜€ maybe i should just get such a card and give it a try.

fwirt: good question, i don’t have the know how either. πŸ˜‰ i got my debugger from an english guy i tracked down via a newsgroup post he made about the debugger years back. luckily he still had it (and a snes emulator-se, too), and sent me both units for free. πŸ˜€
there’s no controller port etc on the visor because it is not needed, both are on the debugger itself (well on mine, there’s just black plastic where the link port would be on later units), the innards of the vb are just a pcb that’s connected with the cable sticking out, instead of the usual stuff i assume.

FOR FREE!!!???? :woah:


This is a completely different auction, but there’s a copy of Space Invaders mistakenly listed under “Virtualboy” rather than “Virtual Boy”: <http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=008&sspagename=STRK%3AMEBI%3AIT&viewitem=&item=180112520322&rd=1&rd=1>
It’s only about $50 right now (which I think is a pretty good deal. In fact, I’ve already bid on it. πŸ˜€ ) There’s also a japan copy of Jack Brothers listed under “Virtualboy”…..

Oh yeah, is the “Auto Login” on the intro page eventually going to work?


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