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I’m new to this forum, so forgive me if this is a silly question, but I haven’t been able to determine if the Japanese VB games were originally factory sealed? I’ve seen Japanese games listed online as “Brand New”, unsealed, and then I’ve also seen Japanese games listed “Brand New” that are factory sealed.

So, as collectors, what are you folks looking for from the Japanese games? Is Japanese CIB just as good (valuable) as an American game that is still factory sealed?

Any and all clarification is much appreciated!

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welcome colb!

japanese virtual boy game were never factory sealed, probably someone sealed them afterwards.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome and quick reply!

A good friend of mine growing up actually had a VB and a handful of games – probably more than 10 years ago now, when I was just a youngster. He was so protective of that thing that I barely even got to try it out – but from the little bit of use he let me in on, I remember how AMAZING it was…

…and now I want to start a collection and start playing it…

It’s so great to know that there is still an active forum up and running with people who haven’t forgotten about this incredible gem-of-a-system that’s hidden away from most everyone, just waiting to be discovered, or in my case, re-discoverd…

I actually haven’t found a good deal on a Virtual Boy System yet, but I’ve already purchased Factory Sealed copies of Red Alarm as well as Galactic Pinball! I’m so excited to get them in the mail sometime soon, but I’m even more excited as I eagerly wait with anticipation for the day to arrive when I have my very own VB to love and cherish 😀 just as my friend did many years ago. 😀


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