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Yeah, and again we can celebrate a jubilee! Exactly one year ago planetVB was opened to the public and in the meantime it became about thrice as big…
For today’s update we again did a lot to let it grow even more:

  • The Hardware section was expanded by the new sub sections “Replacement Parts”, “Merchandise”, “Store displays”, “Miscalleneous” and “Virtual Boy”. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to overwork and translate the accessories, and the other sections are not completely done yet, either…
  • In the Picarchive you can now find box- and cartscans of nearly every game (in the german version, the section is not translated yet) and the “Hardware” sub section is done now.
  • New beta screens of Teleroboxer and G. Pinball in the Screenshot section as well as a brandnew scan of the famous, only Goldeneye screen in existance!
  • To the Article Scans we added scans of the VB Guide No. 2 (aka “VB Fanzine”)!
  • Added infos to the Released Games section (German version…).
  • The Highscores section is completely redone, no longer just the board… But to make sense and not just be an internal fight between Aetzn and me, we need your highscores! So send them in! 😉
  • 3 new auctions in the ebay history.

A huge thank you to Neil Schuldenfrei, who gave us pics of the Store Displays and the white demo box and lots of info! Thanks are also going out to Ferry who let us use his pic of the low profile counter display!

A bit of news from the VB scene which is a bit “sleepy” at the moment: The only still regularly updated page beside the planet, Ferry’s & Omeba’s new Virtual Boy page, is now officially called “www.virtual-boy.net” as you can easily see at the nice new logo.

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