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After nearly 2 months finally an update! I couldn’t work for weeks because my computer was broken again. And DrAetzn… well… he got a Game boy advance. 😉 But we used the long time to bring you another fat Update:

  • A completely renewed articlescan section with a total of 12 articles from various german magazines: from the “Videogames” issues 1/95, 7/95, 9/95, 12/95 and 7/96, issues 3/95, 4/95, 7/95, 9/95 and 10/95 from “Total!”, as well as issue 6+7/96 from “Fun Vision” and issue 2/95 from “Games World”.
  • The japanese VB Wario Land manual scans.
  • A completely renewed Cheats section including more cheats and 3 new FAQs of Jack Bros., Mario Clash and Panic Bomber, as well as a 3D Tetris Puzzle Mode Guide!
  • Some new highscores in Galactic Pinball.
  • The roms are back up!
  • 5 new beta screens of VB Wario Land, Teleroboxer and Red Alarm.
  • A great Virtual Boy rumble mod! Thanks DogP!
  • A renewed and extended Links section.
  • New auctions in the ebay history.

We decided to drop this annoying right-click-block. Of course we can’t remove it from all the pages at once, since we have over 2000, but we’ll do it one section after the other.

There’s a brand new Virtual Boy page out there from DogP! It’s called Pat’s Virtual Boy Page and has original and unique content like the VB Rumble Mod, VB game ideas with screens and some fresh ideas!

More great news were discovered by Ferry: nintendo.com got a huge facelift and has finally gotten a Virtual Boy section again! Thank you, Nintendo! 🙂

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