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Does anyone sell these or have extras they want to sell? I bought some boxed games missing these inserts that hold the game in place.

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I don’t have any to sell, but if you can’t find an authentic one, you can always use gameboy inserts instead, thunderstruck made a great guide here on how to do that


And you can buy inserts from here when you need them


Great! I was curious if they’d fit. Thank you for the info

No problem, glad to help 🙂

Oh wow, had no idea that the GB ones could be modified to fit. Thanks for the tip!!

This is great. I am missing one and didn’t know you could use GB inlays. Thanks for the tip!

Go me from 2013

thunderstruck wrote:
Go me from 2013

Go you from always! <3

Another option if you are interested in making them, https://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7303&forum=3

You might also be able to get some repro makers to print them on quality cardstock and send em to you for cutting and assembly.

Thanks! That’s a great option too!

Finally got around to doing them today! I did things slightly different than the guide.


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