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I came across something slightly odd that I was hoping someone here could explain.

I bought a semi-working Virtual Boy in a Blockbuster case.

(I paid $300 Canadian, in case anyone is curious. No stand, just the head unit, visor, controller, battery pack and Mario’s Tennis. Left display needs repair. The case is in very good condition with all foam, stickers, etc. I figure it was an alright deal considering what the cases are going for on eBay nowadays, even in bad condition. But it was a splurge for sure.)

When I pulled off the visor I noticed that there’s something odd about it. There are little screws in it, and on the back is a metal plate with an adhesive strip. It looks like it was rigged to be permanently affixed to the head unit. Also, I noticed that the serial on the head unit was pretty low.

Pics of everything are at the bottom of the post.

Do all ex-rental units look like this, or is it possible this is a demo unit that somehow ended up in a Blockbuster case?

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I cant provide any knowledge on this topic but it is very interesting.

Someone may have pieced together your purchase out of multiple units but thats just me spitballing here.

This is Definitely a display unit, most likely the head from a Platform display.

Peep this here thread..


Thanks. Glad to know my hunch was correct. I guess it makes sense that some Blockbusters would have sold off their display units along with the rest of their VBs.


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