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I’m new here on this community.

Many times i thought about getting a VB because I’m collecting GameSystems from the early Atari Pong to the XBOX360.
Some weeks ago I bought a VB with three Games on Ebay in nearly new condition with original packaging.

Until now I own 9 Games and I love to play the VB, but there is one question:

Whats the Lifetime of the moving mirrors in the VB?
Is there somewhere a detailed picture of the mirrors and how they work?

I love my Gamesystems and I want to play with them in ten or more years but I think the VB and all Systems with CD/DVD wont last this time because there are no spare-lasers for this systems and the vb mirrors will break mechanicaly.


Sorry for my bad english, but my german is much better 😉

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I don’t think you need to worry much about the mirror assembly… I have yet to see any of them go bad… but the cables going to the LED displays go bad all the time. It’s usually repairable, but still a pain.


Once my VB fell off the table by accident and nothing happened, not even a scratch. The system is pretty durable 😉


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