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did anybody know these glasses, or has tested them?


They will display all D3D and OpenGL aplications in real 3D without use of a monitor/display like the shutter glasses needed.

That brings me to the next question…know where the tft’s are much smaller and cheaper, why there is no producer of gamesystems with a product like the vb?

I think it would be no problem for them to do a real 3D, full colored gamesystem that will be worn like the glasses in the upper link.

I think a System with the power of the 360 and controlers like the wii with real 600P 3D glasses and dolby digital 5.1 phones, that would be the solution of the game market.
I think the hardware still exists, all we need is a producer who sticks all this things together and voila REAL Virtual Reality on Gamemarket arrives.


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Yes, I know these glasses.
Look at the specs, look at the price. You get 30 degrees FOV (field of view)
at 800×600 resolution for almost 800 dollars. All the extras cost a bunch more. Who do you think will take the risk to create another VB with this kind of price range? Nobody. Especially after the failure of VB.

Just look at the LCD stereoglass market. For less than 100 bucks you can have beautiful and perfect stereo on your computer monitor. When they came out, I thought they will sweep the game market and every kid will buy at least one of those. Nada. They are still nowhere on the major markets, despite that 90% of all game programs are totally compatible with those.

The V-real viewer technology cost a lot more, because it is still a technological challenge to manufacture those very tiny LCD screens insire the HMD. Any of those with decent resolution and FOV still costs tens of thousands of dollars, literally.


I think the low lcd prices will allow to build a cheaper 3D Glass than affordet.

One of the reasons that not many people uses shutter glasses will be that many people use lcd screens.

I have an Asus Grafikboard with shutterglasses on my second pc and the shutter glasses for my Sega Mastersystem with all 3D Games.
And it is not easy to play with shutterglasses and see the whole screen in 3D, you have to conzentrate very much and after a short time the eyes are burning.

I hope that the game industry will remember 3D Gaming and will build a system to do that.



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