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Hi Everyone,

Following the advice from a VB community member, I’m starting a forum for feedback, visibility, & support of the VB developers in the community.

This is an alternative Link Cable made by a sandwiching of 3 PCBs – No 3D printed parts. Me and Vintex 64 team worked quick hard on this new design with the aim being: cost-effective & always in stock to meet demand.

Feedback from past customers been good. Yet, not mind additional feedback that can maybe incorporate in future Batches.

Existing/established VB Developers can get free cable but request they cover shipping. Simple select 1$ at the “Custom VB Cart” on the website, select the shipping rate you like and give some info during checkout notes. I would need some sort of proof with any new VB developer. Like a screenshot or something. As will lose money on free cables, so don’t want this service to be abused. Note, free VB developer cables may have some minor imperfections but are guaranteed to work just fine.

All money from regular sales goes to paying off raw materials. We don’t profit from these. It was a passion project by the team.

See link for more details:

Hope this post well received. We will be checking the posts from time to time – so feel free to post some questions, etc.

All the best,

Vintex 64

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Pro tip for helping business….remove this line from your website:

“Currently in stock to meet demand. Please note price will lower in later 2020 when larger quantities are made.”

Short term sales are going to suffer 0.o

Interesting approach, looks nice, neat solution without 3D printing or cases needed.


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