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Speaking of changes, There’s a glitch with posts that don’t allow them to show in the thread if they have too many characters. There’s currently no character limit, so it allows you to post whatever length you want, but it won’t show up in the thread, so posts have to be split into multiple posts to appear in the discussion. Interestingly, I tried posting the same long post again the first time it didn’t show up, and it said it was already posted, not allowing duplicate posts. So it is posting to the discussion, just not appearing. Splitting into multiple posts is a minor inconvenience, but the bad part about this glitch is seeing a lot of older posts that exceed the character limit are just not appearing, which is troubling for looking through old archives of discussions. (even this post wouldn’t let me post without splitting into multiple posts to allow it to show up)

I also liked the star-ratings and amount of posts people had on the site, along with when they joined and their badges. It gave weight to each user, differentiating between newer users and veterans of the site, and showing what people contributed and did from each person’s post. I’m hoping KR155E sees the glitch with the site at least so he’s aware of it.

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Split out your reply to a separate topic to stay on discuss these issues separately.

I noticed that there were two replies of yours in the “pending” state. After some digging, the issue seems to be that these were considered possible spam due to including two links. That setting was a bit tucked away, so I am glad you brought up the topic and forced me to find it. Set it to 100+ links now instead of 2+, I hope this solves the issue.

Now, hearing about old posts missing is unsettling, however I have not seen this to be the case anywhere, yet. Could you give an example?

Regarding the user ranks and badges, I agree. I want to bring those back eventually, but I’d like to have a better system to determine a user’s rank than just the number of posts. This feature is not very high up on the TODO list currently, though.

That’s great! Glad to hear you were able to find/fix the problem! I was referring to very-VERY old posts with media like pictures and such not showing up, but after another look I found them like the newer-media bunched together in that new slideshow-like feature you implemented, which is definitely more aesthetically pleasing than having the pictures take up 10-pages-worth in length of posts by itself! Excited to see more additions to the site in the future!


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