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Hey together!

I probably broke one of my LED arrays beyond repair (to be precise the left one – if they differ) and thus wanted to ask if anyone here is willing to part with a spare array? It doesn’t matter if it is glitchy or not if at least repairable because this time it will be soldered from the beginning.

As for the state of my array: I probably “ironed” it too extensively and too often which is why the conducting paths broke just before they broaden. The eletronic workshop in my institute thus cut the cable at this position and tried to resolder the paths directly to the board (via microscope) but had to delay this task because of non-private stuff and because they need time and patience for this one. =) Furthermore they don’t know if they’ll even succeed and when they will have the time to get it on again. (and it’s already been some time now ^^) -> So it probably won’t be repairable except using a customs printed cable like DogP did.

So I would really be happy if anyone has a spare array such that I can after long time start my Virtual Boy again! 😉
Since I live in Germany, it would be really cool if even someone from Europe could contact me. Thanks already in advance!

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It sounds like it had the “crease problem”, where the strain relief comes loose, and that allows the cable to bend repeatedly at the edge of the conductive glue. I’ve soldered cables with only a few wires below the crease still attached, although the cable itself was still on (because I replaced the strain-relief before working on it).

I’ve also repaired a few with removed cables, but they were not creased, so they still had enough length to “stick” back on long enough to be soldered.

I’ve never attempted any with both problems at once, but I’d like to see some detailed photos of yours. It may still be possible to reattach the cable. TheForce81 might be willing to give it a try, too.

You could also look for glitchy ones on eBay. A while ago, someone had a few for $20 each, plus postage. I don’t remember if he ships outside the US, but if not, I’m sure someone on the forum would be willing to act as a “proxy”. If you want it fixed, too, you could have it sent to me, and I could fix it and send it on (which I’ve also done before, for a user in the UK).

BTW, there is no difference between “right” and “left”. They are all interchangeable (although there seem to be two “styles”: American and Japanese).


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