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Hi Guys,

i would like to do a project for the competition but i am no coder at all. I have a few ideas and look for a coder for the codingpart. I would do the GFX and Planning.

About me: I run my own Videogame Company and we made a few official Nintendo DS Games so far. So i think i have a little experience in the Games Business πŸ˜‰
I would like to take the opportunity to create a cool game on my favorite Machine the VB πŸ™‚

If somebody is interested, let me know.


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What DS games did ur company make and what is the company called?

we finished our last game 3 weeks ago. it was Legend of Kay DS.

I sent you a PM, Fire-WSP.

Remake Space Harrier plx !!!11 😎
Failing that there is a whole host of old school arcade games which would throw up some real interesting ideas for original VB games.

Vector Star Wars
Rolling Thunder
Tron…I’m thinking a first person view of a light bike game AND some form of 3D disc chucking malarkey(using similar controls to the space battle dynamic in the rare Gundam VB release)

…oh how I wish I spoke C++ or understood any sort of computer programming language.


The Game Ideas you have are nice and very interesting, however we choose already a project. Once its done everybody will be happy πŸ™‚

First person view for Tron has been done before (not VB), and let me tell you, it’s REALLY annoying. A third-person 3D view like Armagetron shows would work better.

Good luck with your project!

I assume this project didn’t materialize?


Well both of us had lots of trouble in RL so we where not able to finish it. But we still work on it but we take our time so dont expect a game next week πŸ˜‰


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