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Hello all,

does anybody wants to sell or knows where to get a Flashboy / Flashboy plus? Thanks

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You won’t get the box or manuals like the older ones, but these are still being made. Believe he 3d-prints the cart so you don’t need to send a donor.

Email richard.hutchinson@dsl.pipex.com, expect 2-3 days for a reply.

I just received one a few days ago, so they are still being made for sure!

Thank you guys!

Let me know if you want putting on the list.

I’m currently waiting for some more PCB’s to arrive, but I’m on track to have more carts built by next month.

If still open, I would like to be added to the list! Thanks!😀😁

Email me and I’ll put you on the list.



I’d like one of these if you are still doing them.


Is it possible that you could put me on the list for the flashboy?


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